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Superfoods can helps you to lose weight faster by including these foods

Every fatty personality wants to get fit and strong you know superfoods are a great source of weight loss even helps in losing belly fat also these are excellent for overall fitness this is full of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and other nutrients that gives you overall fitness.
first, we know that add all foods in your daily diet it's not easy to and the temptation are many if you can add these 5 super healthy foods in your daily diet then you deserve faster result in your hard work to lose fat.you can add these foods to your regular diet it confirms to stay fit and healthy for longer time. 
healthy foods for weight loss
superfoods can helps you to loose weight faster

These are the top 5 superfoods for weight loss

Berries:"Berries is known for regulating blood sugar level and it helps to boost our metabolism which is most important thing for weight loss because it also contain antioxidants which is helps to reduce bad cholesterol and berries are also rich in fibre which helps to digest our foods properly.

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Eggs:"Eggs are low in calories but it full of protein and amino acids eggs are beneficial for both who wants to loose weight and gain weight if you eat it the right way. for weight loss then you should boil eggs and eat in the breakfast. Remember before eat egg first remove yellow yolk because it contain fat.

Apple: It is said that eat an apple in a day and stay away from the doctor.the apple which is called for superfood its keeps us healthy insoluble or soluble fibre are avalable in apple which keeps our digestion system healthy.apple can be useful in weight loss and keeps away from obesity because apple is naturally free of fat and low in calories.
health benefits of apple
apple helps you to loose weight and gives you full day energy

Spinach:eating raw and cooked spinach this is the great source of nutrition like vitamin,minerals and phytochemicals mostly green superfoods is recommended for athletes and bodybuilders spinach also helps in your ideal weight loss.

Green tea:"variants of green tea and green tea is popular for most healthiest beverage on earth.green tea helps in improve our brain functiioning,loosing fat and lower chances of cancer green tea is most  beneficial for our health.

The work of green tea, is burning fat and body functioning and it helps in Type 2 diabetes and weight loss. 

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Sunday, 22 April 2018

8 super Health benefits of eating watermelon in summer should you eat?

Benefits of watermelon

Watermelon is a delicious and known for refreshing fruits it contains 92 percent of water, which keeps the human body hydrated during the hot summer months. in this post, we are going to tell you about 9 super Health benefits of eating watermelon in summer.
watermelon health benefits
watermelon is a delicious fruit with a high quantity of water

It is an awesome source of fibre, carbs protein and vitamins A, C AND B also it has potassium along with other important minerals, such as iron, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

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8 Benefits of Watermelon 
  • Watermelon can control your high blood pressure and improves your heart health Watermelon contains a good value of potassium and magnesium the can helps in heart disease and keep a human healthy heart.
  • Watermelon keeps you hydrated It has contained a high volume of water this makes it hydrating and helps you feel full.During the hot summer months, drink one to two glasses of watermelon juice daily to stay hydrated.
  • It improves human health watermelon is extremely good for our eye.it is a great source of vitamin A, which helps produce pigments in the retina of the eye, which protects age-related macular degeneration.watermelon has vitamin c, lutein and zeaxanthin that are essential to keep your eyes healthy.
  • Its keeps excretory organ healthy watermelon could be a natural diuretic drug it's extremely helpful for our kidneys it helps the flush out harmful toxins and it purifies the liver, stimulates excretory organ to operate and reduces acid within the blood.
  • It also helps in cancer watermelon is a best dietary source of lycopene, an antioxidant linked to both the prevention and treatment of different types of cancer.
  • watermelon improves the skin health It is one of the highest antioxidant foods with plenty of vitamins c, both play an important role in maintaining our skin health.
  • It Reduces Body Fat Watermelon is very low in calories due to its high volume of water content and contains no fat or cholesterol all of which aid weight loss.
  • watermelon can relieve our muscle soreness It is packed with electrolytes and the amino acid citrulline, which help soothe sore muscle if you doing a heavy workout.
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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

How to cure constipation naturally and what we should eat

what is constipation

how to treat constipation naturally
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constipation is a common biological process issue that affects individuals of all ages.constipation causes problem passing stools and should even lead an individual to strain an excessive amount of to empty the excessively hard stools.

Nowadays a lot of people are suffering from constipation and the main reason is the change in our lifestyle and unregular intake of food and water.

Don't take constipation lightly as this is the main reason for various diseases like indigestion, blood pressure and headache and so on.

Other symptoms are the bloated abdomen, abnormally small or large stools, acidity, loss of appetite, bad breathe, headache, depression, acne and mouth ulcer.

The internationally medical fraternity has accepted the facts that the person who is passing less than three stools per week is known as constipation.No other criteria are taken into consideration for the definition of constipation.

Constipation symptoms and facts 

There are people who are passing the stool daily but if all they have a hard stool they are constipated but this is a myth.

How to treat constipation 

To overcome this problem I would like to highlight on certain points.
  • Change in lifestyle 
  • Do regular exercises
  • Increases in fluid intake
  • Regular fibre intake during the meals.

What types of foods you should eat 

  • vegetarian food 
  • green leafy vegetables 
  • fruits and vegetables 
These are the best source of fibre we should include in our meals to rid of constipation.

How we can cure constipation

The hard dry stools are a common cause of constipation.To Prevent constipation at least two and a half to three-litre of water should be consumed throughout the day.if you are more water the easier it is to pass stool.It is important to drink more water to increase fibre in your diet.

Eat more fibre

fibre is a natural laxative, increases the water content of stools and help bulk up, start your day with bran cereal high in fibre.This will help your bowel movement to move more smoothly and quickly through your colon.

Add yoghurt to your diet  

yoghurt contains values of good bacteria probiotics that create the right atmosphere for your digestive system to stay healthy and run on a regular basis.you should add a cup of yoghurt daily to your diet.

Drink lemon juice 

Adding a teaspoon of lemon juice in a glass of warm water with a pinch of salt and drink it on empty stomach after waking up in morning.

"lemon is the natural formulation of the bowel movement white salt facilities the graceful passage of stool.

Castor oil

Add a tablespoon of castor oil and a glass of heat milk.drink before going to bed at night.Castor oil is one of the most beneficial oil for constipation in adults as home remedies.


Honey is very helpful for constipation thanks to its activities as melt laxative.you may take daily to stop also as treat constipation.

consume two teaspoons of honey three times a day.


Apples are a great source of natural fibre.The apple skin is rich in soluble fibre as well as other essential components that make natural laxative effects.

This makes it much easier for your digestive tract to keep things moving,.eating two to three apples along with the skin should provide all the fibre with your body needs to promote regular bowel movement and thus improve digestion.


flaxseed has many medicinal properties along with tons of fibre in it and omega 3 fatty acids.

Also, flaxseeds have many laxative properties which can be very useful to treat mild to very serious cases of constipation.


Spinach may be superb for the digestive tract particularly after you affected by constipation raw spinach has numerous parts that may cleanse reconstruct and regenerate the entire colon. 

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Fruits are a dishes that are essential for every person's life. Fruit is produced by flowers. It is said that many nutritious foods from the fruit intake themselves become themselves. It is necessary to eat fruits with a view to keeping the body healthy. Fruit is the medium through which florist plants spread their seeds, although not all seeds come from fruits.
banana benefits

By eating fruit, minerals and vitamins in our body are met, which are extremely important for our body to work well. Fibre-rich fruits help to increase our digestive power. Here we are going to tell you about BANANA BENEFITS CAN MAINTAIN YOUR HEALTH OF THE BODY

Banana Benefits: Banana plants are quite long and normally strong enough. By eating a banana every day you can stay completely healthy throughout your life. Banana is available in the market for twelve months. This is particularly beneficial for the body in the rainy season. You can eat it directly or else it will be as good as a salad.

Banana nutrition Raw banana sweet, cold drinks, heavy, aliphatic, caffeine, bile, blood disorders, burns, wounds and destroys air. The ripe banana is delicious, soft, sweet, semen, nutritious, meat-enhancer, rustic and destroyer of hunger, thirst, ophthalmic disease and gonorrhea. Anyone who has acidity or gas Should eat together.


Dizziness or head walking is another symptom of the heart attack. This is due to obstruction in one vein going to the heart. When women see these changes in themselves, they should be careful. Do not understand the weakness or any other reason for this due to the pressure of work. The symptoms of heart attacks are often overlooked by people who are minor. The consequences of which have to be faced with later.

Body weakness

Carbohydrates are also rich in banana due to which eating stomach also fills up quickly. So if you go to the office or college to go for breakfast in the morning then leave a banana and eat it. Because instant energy is obtained by eating a banana.

Benefits of banana keep your brain sharp

If you want to sharpen your mind and become master of your work then banana food can be a boon for you. Banana contains plenty of vitamin B6, which improves brain function and makes brain strong. Therefore, take 1 banana daily.

Banana benefits for men

Banana contains a soluble fibre which calms your stomach's hunger but apart from this there is a work element of bromel enzymes which regulates your sex hormones, which increase your sex power and Apart from this, there are many such elements and vitamins and mineral salts which can improve your sex life.

Time to take a banana

 The most beneficial benefit of banana is to wake up in the morning after eating and after drinking milk. It is better to eat banana morning according to Ayurveda. You can take it during the day after eating it. banana is beneficial if you are too tired, have played a game, or exercised curry. But banana food is harmful to health at night and at bedtime. Always avoid avoiding any fruit at night.

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stephen hawkings die he lose life due to Als disease

Stephen Hawkings die he lose life due to Al's disease. When a 21-year-old dreamer was dreaming to change the world, nature suddenly made such a blow that it felt as if he could not fulfil the dream of changing his world. 
Stephen hawkings die at 76 years old
pic credit to-google.com

Stephen Hawking felt that there would be some minor problems but later the doctors examined the name of such a disease which caused the stain of Hawking's stigma.

Stephen Hawking died on Wednesday morning. After the illness, the doctor said that he can live only for two to three years.

Stephen was born on 8 January 1942 in England, United Kingdom. Stephen Hawking's father was a biologist named Frank Hawking, because of Germany's bombing, Stephen Hawking's father had settled in England.

Stephen Hawking had an interest in mathematics since childhood.
stephen hawking was bored in class and her maths teacher who name is dikran tahta get motivate him to see their positive love with mathematics.

Let's talk about what happened to Stephen Hawking's death, after having a Hawking first class degree, he went to Cambridge to do Postgraduate research in Cosmology.

After Stephen Hawking was raised in London and St. Albans,"once taking a primary class degree in Physics from Oxford, Stephen Hawkings visited Cambridge to try and do postgraduate analysis in Cosmology."

In 1963 suddenly Stephen Hawkings found out that he had motor neuron disease.
Motor neuron disease is life-threatening and while some people succeed in living much. Similar was the case with Stephen Hawking.

Doctors say that there is no cure for this disease but there are treatments for this disease that reduce the impact on daily life.

Early symptoms of this disease:

  • This disease leads to weakness in the heel or leg of a human being. Because of which human beings can have difficulty or climb stairs.
  • There is trouble in speaking to the person in this disease and does not eat food.
  • Motor neuron disease is a disease which causes weight loss, And the cramps come in the muscles.

A motor neuron is very difficult to detect at the beginning.
because is not yet a test that can detect this disease.

But there is some such problem which may seem to be

  • Blood pressure check
  • Brain and spinal cord
  • Test to assess electrical activity in the body
  • Lumpur puncture by which the needle is inserted in the waist bone and the fluid is checked.

Neuron motor disease is also known as Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). This disease can happen to anyone. This first weakens the muscles of the legs, then the paralyzed man in the body, which we call paralyze and loses the strength of speaking or eating day by day.
stephen hawkings  automatic wheel chair
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The ALS association mentions that almost the life of patients with this disorder usually happens from two to five years. Less than five percent of people with this disease live more than two years. Those 5 percents are also Hawkings.

Professor Nigel Leg of Stephen Hawking's London College says, "I have not seen any such person who has lived for so many years in the disease of ALS"

Stephen Hawkings said, "Due to the kind of disease I am in ALS, the reason for this can be the false absorption of vitamins."

Stephen Hawking used automatic wheelchairs and used to talk to them, so his computerized voice synthesizer used to hear the sound of the Hawking's brain and he used to sound through the machine.

Beautiful Quotes by Stephen hawkings 

  • Aggression is the worst habit of humans that destroy their civilization.Look at the 6-up stars, not towards your feet. Try to understand the meaning of what you see.
  • People will not have time for you if you are always angry or complaining.
    For 4-5 years, humans were living like animals and then something happened that left our imagination in place. In this we have learned to speak and listen.
  • Wisdom is in the adoption of change.
  • My goal is completely clear. I have to understand the universe completely. 
  • Sometimes I wonder if I am as famous for wheelchairs and disability as much as for my searches.
  • When a person completely loses hope to something, then he really understands the importance of what he has.
  • Nothing big or old from the universe.
  •  I'm not afraid of death, but I'm not quick to die. I have to do a lot of work now.
That's all the reason Stephen hawkings die he lose life due to Al's disease.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Health benefits of egg,should you eat yolk and egg white?

An introduction of eggs

our human body needs enough protein value, carbohydrates, vitamins for health and for concentration on work in this situation the role eggs are most beneficial.eggs can also help in weight gain and lose weight.
protein value of egg

Health benefits of egg 

The eggs are works randomly on our body for health eggs are most beneficial for health.by the consuming egg hungry will be calm.

The white and yellow yolk of the egg is rich in nutrients like proteins, minerals and vitamins.yellow yolk also has essential fatty acids, cholesterol, soluble fat and vitamins.

The intake of an egg is very beneficial for healthy living.its calm you're hungry which means you are not doing overeating.if anyone loses unwanted fat and want to lose weight then eggs you should add eggs to your diet but the only egg white.if you take yellow yolk then your cholesterol level so be careful.

Nutritional content of eggs

The egg is rich in vitamin D the role of vitamin d for a human body is very important for strong bones.because our body needs enough amount of calcium on the daily basis.

Eggs also have biotin the role of biotin in our body is for healthy hair and soften skin. its also regulate the immune system.

Good fats are available in the egg which provides you energy.Eggs are the bundle of all nutrients like proteins, calcium and omega 3 fatty acids which is essential for human body.It also recommended by the professional bodybuilders, athletes and fitness coach.

nutritonal value of egg yolk

Vitamin b-12

The source of vitamin b-12 from eggs, this is important for our metabolism works good and for keep blood cells healthier.
vitamin b-12 provides more than 0.3 grams of the vitamin from a whole egg yolk and 0.03 grams from the white.
Adults should need 2.4 grams daily, throughout the Institute of Medical Food and Nutrition centre suggest, that yolk has more than 12 percent of your vitamin B-12 needs throughout the day.

Minerals in eggs

The egg yolk and the egg white are rich in selenium.Human needs selenium to shield body cells; The egg yolk has 17 percent of your daily basis, and the egg white has 12 percent.
which is helps to keep your bones healthy, an egg yolk gives you about 10 percent of your daily needs phosphorus. The other egg white has less than 1 percent.

All other vitamins you need

Throughout the day You’ll get 9 to 10 percent of vitamin A should need for the day through an egg yolk, but the vitamin A is not contained in egg white.

which could be a nutrient you would like for best vision. that very same food even has nearly 10 % of your vitamin D requirement to stay your bones healthy. 

Egg whites don't contain vitamin D.The enough amount of egg yolk helps you get over 21 % of the vitamin B your body needs regular basis.

vitamin B is important for nerve and brain performance. You’ll get less than 1 % of your vitamin B recommendation from an oversized egg white.

 A total amount of fat in an egg

Total fat in an egg yolk from a whole egg contains around 4.5 grams of total fat. This can be nearly 99 % more fat than the white egg white, that contains a mere 0.06 gram of total fat. 

Don’t be scared of having fat in your diet, as a result of it's every kind of functions, from creating hormones to absorbing vitamins. Between 20 and 35 % of the calories in your diet ideally should come back from fat.

 Because the gram of fat you'll get from 9 calories,  44 to 78 grams of an amount in a 2,000-calorie diet.

please keep in mind that yellow part of the egg is  warm in nature you can take only egg white as the professional also recommend to take only egg white.

you can only take yellow part sometimes not a regular basis.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

The magical fenugreek benefits for many disease with no side effects

methi benefits for men

As you we all know that Fenugreek(methi) is used to make tasty and healthy recipes. as you know that, fenugreek is a spice mostly famous in India.You know fenugreek fragrance can increase your appetite. The fenugreek helps to get rid of lots of illness, benefits of fenugreek not only enhance the beauty of your face it also benefits in treat your digestive systems. fenugreek is very beneficial for the human stomach.if you use fenugreek on the basis then your keep detox and also keeps the beauty of your face like alighting.if you are, using fenugreek seeds in diseases like blood pressure and if also you have diabetes even constipation the fenugreek is very beneficial for such kinds of illness.
fenugreek is using from ancient time but it mostly used to get rid of constipation, in that period constipation is the big problem for individuals. if I suggest you what kind of medicine you can take for constipation then you go for fenugreek and see the magical benefits of fenugreek.

In India eating hot masala and ginger and so on is the first choice for the Indian. but you can add fenugreek in vegetable can helps to reduce the diseases like low blood pressure and constipation.but if you want to get benefits of fenugreek fast Use methi juice twice a day in the morning on empty stomach it removes the all kinds of illness like constipation it is the big problem, digestive systems and so on. fenugreek have enzymes which is most beneficial for our health fenugreek activated the liver but also making the human digestion systems very good.you can get fast benefits of fenugreek if you use on daily basis drinking juice is much better for mental activity to be healthy and see the benefits. 

Is really fenugreeks have side effects?

Many studies show us there are no Side effects of fenugreek.but if you take it an excessive amount of fenugreek you will see such kinds of problem like diarrhea, weak digestion, bloating in stomach, gas, and an odour through urine.

Fenugreek can cause nasal congestion, phlegm sneezing, facial swelling, and treat allergy reaction in hypersensitive individuals. Fenugreek may because of blood sugar.problem keep in mind doesn't use fenugreek in excessive amount.

Do you know fenugreek is beneficial for men

I think you should use Fenugreek because it helps enhance your sexual power and its boost natural testosterone levels and improve libido.

Fenugreek has several health advantages of fenugreek for men besides sexual drawback.Researchers suggest that fenugreek will lower glucose level and management cholesterin levels, additionally fenugreek will treat your diabetes and managed healthy metabolism.

fenugreek Seeds for Hair Growth

Fenugreek (methi) seeds also beneficial for a woman who has hair fall problems. fenugreek beneficial in  hair growth

Boil fenugreek with coconut oil until the seeds go reddish.Then apply the warm oil on your head.
After use methi, you will see the benefits it will boost your hair growth.

Fenugreek Hair Pack for Dandruff

For dandruff, simply mix the paste of fenugreek with food
Apply three times every week for a positive cure.

Ensure to clean off each particle of methi off your hair with a gentle shampoo